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The Dialogue of Partners


The international format regular meeting was held at the parliamentary site. Deputies of the Supreme Council received the ambassador at large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Gubarev. He represents Russia in the format of negotiations, which is called the "Permanent meeting on political issues in the negotiation process on the Pridnestrovian settlement", better known as "5 + 2". The contacts of the Russian diplomat with official representatives of the Pridnestrovian authorities have long been systemic and permanent. Here and in the current visit, Sergei Gubarev previously held a meeting with the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky and Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev.

On behalf of the legislature of the Russian guest, Mikhail Burla, Chairman of the Committee of the Supreme Council on Education, Science and Culture, welcomed the guest.

The Ambassador at Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Gubarev told the parliamentarians about the permanent contacts that have been established between the foreign affairs agencies of Russia and Pridnestrovie, established cooperation.

The tone of the conversation on the parliamentary floor was asked by the advisor to the Chairman of the Supreme Council, Vladimir Yastrebchak. He asked about the current level of relations between Russia and Ukraine, what Pridnestrovie can contribute to their establishment, as well as the fate of the peacekeeping operation on the banks of the Dniester. The answers were discussed during the meeting in the future.

Upon its completion, Sergei Gubarev and Mikhail Burla commented to the media.

The head of the parliamentary committee on education, science and culture, the moderator of the meeting, Mikhail Burla, also supposes: in order to realize our potential, it is important for us to show much more initiative and perseverance than now. It is more active to offer our potential opportunities to Russian entrepreneurs interested in joint business, to provide the Russian Federation with more information about our economic potential, to develop joint commercial projects that may become attractive for Russian companies.