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Deputies asked questions of interest


The plenary session was held today in the Supreme Council with the participation of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky. The deputies considered the draft resolution “On giving consent to the appointment of the PMR Government Chairman”. Vadim Krasnoselsky proposed the candidacy of Alexander Martynov, who has held this position for the past five years for the post of head of the executive body of power.

Alexander Martynov in his report focused on the main directions on which the Government has been working over the past five years. Thanks to joint work, it was possible to ensure financing and growth of salaries, pensions, social benefits. Development programs were financed, thanks to which dozens of social facilities were repaired, including schools, kindergartens, hospitals, clinics. There was made water supply system in many villages of the republic, noted Alexander Martynov. Credit programs for young specialists began to operate for the first time in the PMR. State employees, with the support of the state, can purchase their own homes.

The health care system is fighting the pandemic. A number of state programs are being implemented. Alexander Martynov mentioned road construction and the development of digitalization.


Speaking about plans for the next five years, Alexander Martynov noted the need to continue the work of the Capital Investment Fund in terms of repairing social facilities, providing medical services for children by specialists with a narrow focus, operating a social program for maternity capital, supporting domestic producers, repairing secondary roads and internal driveways. Attention will also be paid to the sphere of tourism, housing and communal services, accessibility of transport, renovation of school buses and other issues.

After the report to Alexander Martynov, the deputies asked questions related to improving the welfare of Pridnestrovians, the quality of medicine, the sphere of education, interaction of executive bodies with the Supreme Council.


Within the framework of the dialogue, they spoke about the unstable foreign economic situation in the world market, the conditions of the pandemic in which our republic found itself. The changing situation leads to the need to promptly make many decisions, in particular, to adjust the norms of the republican budget. Deputy Andrei Safonov noted that this year more than 30 amendments were made to the 2021 budget, and proposed to work systematically in the direction of the Government in advance of legislations for consideration by the Supreme Council, so as not to work on the spot.


The parliamentarians raised the topic of the planned transfer of state-owned enterprises for the provision of services to autonomous work. According to Alexander Martynov, this will lead to an increase in workers' salaries and the competitiveness of a number of institutions. The deputies were interested in how the innovations will affect the availability of medical services to the population for example. Alexander Martynov noted that a certain range of free services will be preserved. The topic of transferring state institutions to "autonomous" will be worked out jointly by the Supreme Council and the Government.


With regard to the quality of the provision of medical services, Deputy Vladimir Pelin was interested in what measures would be proposed by the Government to preserve the staff of medical workers. According to Alexander Martynov, the motivation of the medical staff is to increase salaries and affordability of housing. Such moments are important as improving the qualifications of medical personnel, expanding the range of medical services provided outside the republic, repairing hospitals and polyclinics in the field of health care.


Attention will be paid to the condition of secondary roads and internal driveways next year. The deputies supported this direction of the Government's work. Deputy Grigory Dyachenko proposed to formalize the planned work in the form of a separate program regarding the renovation of multi-storey buildings and dormitories planned in 2022.


The topic of the work of public transport was also not ignored by the deputies. Alexander Martynov noted that two programs of transport accessibility in Tiraspol and Bendery are being prepared. If funds are allocated in the republican budget, then within five years there will be progress in solving the problem.


The parliamentarians raised the issue of the implementation of the program of orders of voters. A proposal was made to work more efficiently for the executive authorities, so that all the plans were carried out on time, by the end of the year, the actions of the deputy program, and not be postponed to the next year.


There were also the wishes of the deputies regarding the coverage of the work of the Government. There is information about management decisions or legislations that still need to be discussed with the Supreme Council, and the news itself is perceived as an already adopted decision. The head of the profile committee Igor Buga emphasized the opinion that it is necessary to adjust the information policy in this regard.

Alexander Martynov emphasized that the executive body of state power is open for a constructive dialogue.