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Deputies of the Rybnitsa region met with the PMR President


The President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky in the Rybnitsa state administration answered the questions of the deputies for more than two hours. External political and economic relations of the republic, peacekeeping, the fight against the pandemic, vaccination, the development of rural medicine, dual education are the main topics. Deputies Vadim Kravchuk, Andrei Safonov, Valentin Matveychuk, Yakov Galak and Vasily Kunitsky represent the interests of the residents of Rybnitsa in the Parliament and are well aware of the problems of concern to voters.

Deputy of the Supreme Council for the Metallurgichesky constituency Vadim Kravchuk emphasized that the unfinished building of school No. 6 has been in the center of the city for several years. Repair work was done by 65%. Experts say that more than 20 million rubles will be needed in order to complete the construction. The Rybnitsa school is one of 4 objects for the repair of which ANO "Eurasian Integration" was responsible. Three of them have not yet been renovated. First of all, the tuberculosis hospital in Bendery will be completed and then they will return to school, the President assured.

Local deputies asked how to solve the problem with the shortage of professionals. There are not enough turners, welders, tractor drivers in Rybnitsa. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the republic has a dual education mechanism. The theory can be applied at the educational institution, and the practice can be applied at the workplace.

The deputies of the Supreme Council asked questions related to the peacekeeping mission in Pridnestrovie. The President emphasized that Russian peacekeepers for Pridnestrovie are Russian soldiers who protect peace in our land. External forces will not be able to question the legitimacy of the Russian peacekeepers in our republic.

They also talked about the development of rural medicine. There are more than 45 villages in Rybnitsa, so it is simply necessary to build outpatient clinics and equip medical and obstetric centres, Vadim Krasnoselsky considers. The Head of the state administration of the village of Plot said that the local medical outpatient clinic is in disrepair. It is impossible to work there now: the roof is leaking, there is no hot water. Therefore, it was decided to move the rural outpatient clinic to one of the kindergarten buildings. The documents on the transfer of the premises have already been signed by the Ministry of Health. The President instructed to send specialists to the site and assess the scope of work. This object will be included in the program of the Capital Investment Fund for the next year.

Valentin Matveychuk noted that, in general, the legislative and executive branches of power, local self-government are working towards the positive development of our republic.

Residents of Rybnitsa at the end of the meeting expressed gratitude to President Vadim Krasnoselsky for his assistance in the improvement of the city. The central square, embankment and parks are being transformed. The facilities are being repaired at the expense of the Capital Investment Fund.