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Day of Rescuer


Before the solemn meeting dedicated to the celebration of Rescue Day and the 11th anniversary of the establishment of the Main Directorate for Emergency Situations of the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs, laying flowers at the monument to employees of the PMR internal affairs bodies who died in the line of duty.

After that, the Minister of Internal Affairs Ruslan Mova introduced new cars, fire fighting equipment and fire-technical weapons, which are available to specialists of the Emergency Department to the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov, Prime Minister Alexander Martynov and Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Kirova.

The General Directorate for Emergency Situations includes the Civil Defense Directorate, the Emergency Response Department and the Fire Department. At present, there are 8 departments of Civil Defense in Pridnestrovie that ensure the organization of the protection of the population, economic and environmental facilities in the event of natural disasters, accidents and other emergencies.

The solemn event was held in the assembly hall of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov read out the president’s welcoming address, in which Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasiz0ed that “the rescuers of our republic are always at the forefront. At any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions, at a difficult moment they come to the rescue, adequately fulfilling the most important tasks. The main indicator is the saved lives of people. Preventing tragedy, ignoring their own well-being, rescuers are an example of courage, competence and dedication”.

Minister of Internal Affairs Ruslan Mova, referring to the staff of the Office for Emergency Situations, noted that during their existence, rescuers have actually proved how important this service is for the republic.

The most distinguished employees of the Main Directorate for Emergency Situations were awarded state awards in a ceremonial setting and were awarded the next special ranks.