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Regular issue of the official printed organ of the Supreme Council - "The Councils of the people" parliamentary newspaper - was published. Its material opens from Abkhazia, where the head of the legislature of the republic Alexander Korshunov, participated in the inauguration of the elected President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba. Read about the meetings held on Abkhazian land in the material “Brothers States”.

The highlight of the issue was the publication - a platform for investment. It is dedicated to the participation of deputies of the Supreme Council in the 7th international investment economic forum. Their views on the prospects for the development of the economy as a whole, tourism in particular, the attraction of foreign capital formed the basis of a newspaper article in a parliamentary newspaper.

Traditionally, in the October issue, two newspaper strips were given for the selection of materials on laws adopted by deputies. Readers will be able to learn about new legal norms adopted by the people’s representatives in the second autumn month from the publication “Considered and adopted”, published in the traditional heading “Law-making process”.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov continues to tour cities of the republic with the aim of holding meetings with colleagues from local Councils of People’s Deputies and clarifying the situation in the regions of the republic. After the first, Kamenka was followed by participation in a meeting of the session of the Council of People's Deputies of the Dubossary district and the city of Dubossary. What the people's representatives spoke about is in the article with the characteristic headline “Dialogue of colleagues”.

Every year, the Ministry of Education submits to the Supreme Council a report on the situation of children in the PMR. This year was no exception. They talked about how the future of Pridnestrovie last year was in the material “On the Flowers of Our Life”. It contains a lot of statistics that perfectly characterize the situation in the sphere of protection of childhood.

It is incredible, but true: Pridnestrovie has its own cotton. The course of the experiment conducted at Tirotex, led by Andrei Mezhinsky, member of the parliamentary committee for the development of entrepreneurship and industry, can be found in the publication “Cotton is grown in Pridnestrovie”

"Considering the opinion of voters". This is at the same time the title of the material telling about the implementation of the state program for the execution of voters' orders, and the setting with which the deputies determine the types and nature of the work that needs to be done. The October issue contains stories about what has been done according to the program for the execution of voter orders in the constituency No. 3 “Borisovsky” (Deputy Oleg Petrik) and No. 4 “Leninsky” (Deputy Yuri Kravchuk).