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of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


Dear Pridnestrovians!


I cordially congratulate you on the New Year and Merry Christmas on behalf of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and on my own behalf!

We traditionally sum up the results and look to the future with hope together with our family and friends on the eve of the New Year. Dozens of nationalities live in friendship and mutual understanding in Pridnestrovie. Together we keep peace and stability in our native land, develop and make our republic strong and independent.

The Supreme Council deputies have been working in the outgoing year on legislations that will help to minimize the economic and social consequences of the pandemic and economic instability. We continued to support health workers, entrepreneurs, pay salaries, pensions and benefits despite the difficult economic situation. Special attention is paid to the infrastructure of towns and villages. According to the Development Strategy, among the priorities are the repair of schools and kindergartens, the modernization of healthcare facilities, the implementation of government programs, the restoration and strengthening of the agro-industrial complex.

The republic looks renewed and rejuvenated. This is the result of the work and attitude of all Pridnestrovians. I am sure that hard work, fortitude and love for the native land will become the key to new achievements in 2022. Development of Pridnestrovie, preservation of the historical truth, adherence to traditions and love for our land is a national idea.

It is important that Pridnestrovie enters the New Year with the adopted law on the republican budget. New goals and objectives are ahead. Indeed, only together, by common efforts, we will be able to create conditions for a more prosperous life in our native Pridnestrovie, preserve everything that has been done and worthily implement our plans next year!

We celebrate New Years and Christmas with joy and faith in the best. Each of us remembers our achievements and makes the most daring plans for the future, believes in the fulfillment of cherished desires.

Dear Pridnestrovians! I wish with all my heart a peaceful sky over Pridnestrovie, warmth and material prosperity in homes, and harmony, mutual understanding and love reigned in families!

Happy New Year, Pridnestrovie! New happiness, Pridnestrovians!


Chairman of the Supreme Council

of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

Alexander Korshunov