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Budget laws are adjusted


The President Vadim Krasnoselsky signed the laws that were previously adopted by the Supreme Council. Two of the enacted legislation have a budgetary nature.

In particular, amendments and additions have been made to the law “On the budget of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic for the year 2019”. One of its norms provides for the payment of compensation to persons who became disabled as a result of injury, contusion or illness received during the Great Patriotic War, while defending Pridnestrovie, while performing military service duties or official duties in Afghanistan, for car repairs. Previously, they received it from the state or purchased it on favorable terms or at full price. Compensation will be paid, if the disabled person has medical indications, once after seven years of operation. Its amount can not exceed 505 MW. For the calculation of this payment minimum wage is set in the amount of 18.4 rubles.

The main financial document of the year, the republican budget-2019, was also subjected to adjustments. One of the points of the document concerns the Capital Investment Fund and reads: “Establish that the replacement of objects, the addition of cost estimates with new objects, the exclusion of objects from the budget, the redistribution of approved limits between the main managers of budget funds are carried out by amending this Law, regardless of object to state and (or) municipal property".

Added to the legal base the law was granted the government the right to redistribute the existing savings from the approved expenditure limits for objects included in the cost estimates of the Capital Investment Fund within the limits of one main manager of budget funds.