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Operational budget adjustments


The deputy corps in the first reading adopted a number of amendments to the law "On the republican budget for 2020". The law-in-draft was presented by the PMR President in the mode of legislative necessity.

All amendments are of an operational nature and are due to the events taking place in the republic.

In particular, it is proposed to form mobilization reserves as part of local budgets. The funds from these reserves will be directed to measures to combat the spread and treatment of coronavirus infection, to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters and other unforeseen expenses. It is also planned to increase the cost of paying allowances for medical personnel involved in measures to prevent coronavirus infection. This had to be done, since the quarantine measures were extended until December 1.

The articles of the republican budget for this year will reflect the increase in income and expenditure items on the special budget account of the State Institution “Pridnestrovian Irrigation Systems”. Additional funds were transferred to a special budget account due to unfavorable weather conditions and an increase in the volume of water supplied to irrigated areas, as well as due to an increase in electricity consumption. Additional income is expected to be used to repair dams and to pay for electricity costs.

In addition, funds will be allocated to strengthen the material and technical base of the Olympic Reserve School and to ensure the functioning of the website-platform for distance learning of the Ministry of Education within the framework of the legislative initiative of the President. Additional funds from the budget are planned to be allocated for treatment outside the PMR. They plan to increase the estimate of the Capital Investment Fund to complete work on the Catherine Park and the Alexander Nevsky Park. Work on amendments to the 2020 Republican budget will be continued by the Supreme Council in the second reading.