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The Budget 2022 Second Reading


Deputies devoted to discussing the law-in-draft "On the republican budget for 2022" most of the time of the plenary session today. More than 100 amendments were issued for the meeting. Compromise solutions were found on all controversial issues.

The state enters into 2022 with a budget that is provided with real sources of funds for all items of expenditure. All social charges, public sector wages, pensions and benefits will be paid in full and on time. The implementation of the Capital Investment Fund, which has shown positive results, will continue. The appearance of cities and districts of the republic is being improved, kindergartens and schools are being repaired, healthcare facilities are being built, the appearance of cities and villages is being improved.

The 2022 budget includes funds for the Entrepreneurship Development Fund, including for subsidizing the interest rate. This program is working successfully today, entrepreneurs are actively using loans. The program enables entrepreneurs to invest in the development of their own production.

Payments on savings and deposits of the Soviet Union will continue next year. More than 20 million rubles have been allocated for these purposes.

State targeted medical programs will continue to be implemented: oncology, hepatitis, cardiovascular diseases, program for the provision of services by narrow specialists for children in private clinics. The parliamentary corps will consider the main financial law for next year in final reading in the course of the plenary meeting scheduled for Friday December 24, so that the law will enter into force on January 1, 2022, and municipal governments can develop and adopt budgets at the local level.