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State attribute for every citizen


According to the current legislation a passport is required for each citizen of the PMR. This is the main document proving the identity of the owner, as well as confirming Pridnestrovian citizenship. At the same time, the cost of documents and the costs associated with the operations for issuing them are recovered from passport holders.

The exception is those who receive a passport for the first time. The legislative initiative of a group of deputies of the relevant parliamentary committee on legislation aimed at providing them with the main document in life was proposed to amend the norms of the law “On state duties” in terms of issuing passports to persons receiving them for the first time. Currently, citizens who receive a passport upon reaching a specified age (16 years) for the first time are exempted from paying the state fee. At the same time, the legislation did not define the age limit for exercising the right to obtain a passport for the first time without paying a state fee. In this regard, law enforcers charge the state fee for obtaining a passport by citizens for the first time, if they are older than 17 years. Its size corresponds to the size for issuing or issuing a passport in return for a worn out (lost) - 5 MW (72 rubles). The relevant parliamentary committee on this issue began to receive complaints. The reaction to the appeals of citizens was the development, discussion, and at today's plenary meeting - and the adoption in final reading of the relevant law. Its essence is that citizens who receive a passport for the first time are exempted from paying state duty, regardless of their age.

In addition, disabled persons, orphans and children left without parental care until they reach the 25th anniversary, as well as institutions that draw up documents for obtaining their passports, are exempted from paying a state fee for issuing a passport that has been lost or become worthless. The adopted law protects these categories of citizens.

But there is another category of people who cannot do this for financial reasons. These include, for example, those released from places of deprivation of liberty or convicts who are there and who do not have funds in personal accounts. This is because only a small part of them work and receive a salary.

Based on the current situation, the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky suggested that the deputies of the Supreme Council legislatively improve the financing mechanism for the certification of persons serving sentences of imprisonment. The legislative initiative of the President was based on an increase in the number of people applying to the passport offices of the Department for Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with this issue, in whose service areas there are correctional facilities. The number of such persons for the period 2015-2018 amounted to 43 people.

The essence of the legislative novelty proposed by the president and supported by parliamentarians, adopted as a supplement to the law “On State Duty”, is that citizens of the PMR who are serving a sentence of deprivation of liberty are exempted from paying the state fee for issuing or issuing a passport of freedom. There is one condition - if there is no money on their personal account for expenses associated with the issuance or execution of the main document for citizens. The state budget funds will be used for this.

The laws adopted by the Supreme Council are sent to the President for signature.