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The April-May Plans


Participants of the meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Council today determined the agenda and dates for the forthcoming plenary sessions. They are scheduled for April 26 and May 17.

The deputy corps will have to decide on the legislative initiative of their colleague Oleg Petrik, aimed at completing certain provisions of the current law "On the status of a deputy of the Supreme Council of PMR". It is a matter of establishing compulsory rules obliging local authorities to provide premises for meetings with voters to a deputy of the Supreme Council.

The amendments submitted by the Supreme Court to the Code of Criminal Procedure relate to the clarification of certain procedures for the participation of lawyers in court proceedings, as well as payment of their labor, if they represent the interests of the state.

The procedure for the second reading is to adopt a law-in-draft on amending the Code of Administrative Offenses (Code of Administrative Offenses). The initiative is aimed at bringing to responsibility for the loss and unauthorized destruction of documents on the personnel of organizations, institutions, enterprises. The size of the penalty varies from 25 to 250 MW. This applies to the sphere of social security, including obtaining certificates for the right to provide various types of benefits, on seniority, etc. The loss or destruction of such documents adversely affects people's lives.

Certain discussions during the meeting of the presidium of the parliament caused the law-in-draft "On Amendments to the Law "On General Military Duty", recommended for adoption by the deputy corps in the second reading. When the initiative was adopted in the first reading, the colleagues agreed with the proposal of the deputies Galina Antyufeeva and Oleg Belyakov to provide for the possibility of granting postponement from military service to students who receive their first higher education outside Pridnestrovie, not only in the direction of state bodies, but also independently. However, as some participants of the Presidium suppose, the amendments made to it in the preparation of the document for the second reading of the amendment alter the initially stated concept. In addition, Deputy Sergei Cheban considers that the norms of the law-in-draft should be extended to those children who received higher education outside the republic not only on a budget but also on a paid basis, since they can not be taught a specialty they choose on a budgetary basis. The final point in this issue is to be put to all parliamentarians in the framework of the plenary session.

A number of legislations for discussion of colleagues were made by the parliamentary committee for the development of entrepreneurship and industry. One of them concerns amendments to the law "On licensing of certain types of activities" by fixing the following legal norm: the license validity period will be determined by its applicant. Deputies of the profile Committee of the Supreme Council Viktor Guzun, Vadim Doni, Vadim Kravchuk, Vadim Levitsky and Andrey Mezhinsky proposed to expand the list of activities on the basis of individual entrepreneurial patent due to the rental of velomobiles, electric vehicles, and the provision of trampoline services. Previously, this category of entrepreneurs had to carry out activities through the formation of a legal entity. This is economically unreasonable taking into account the fact that these types of entrepreneurial activities are seasonal.