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Andrey Mezhinsky, “The work of Deputy in the constituency is effective only with the support and help of voters”


The work of Deputy in the constituency is effective only with the support and help of voters. Deputy of the Supreme Council Andrei Mezhinsky said this in the course of the meeting with the public council of the Komsomolsky constituency in Tiraspol. He thanked the public council for openness and trust.

The Public Council was formed 3 years ago on the initiative of the district deputies. The council includes the chairmen of house committees, condominium partnerships, home unit companies and the district's asset. Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council in the Komsomolsky constituency and deputies of the city council Viktor Krondev, Andrei Volkovich and Pavel Solodky presented a report on the work done to the public council.

The deputies noted that cooperation with voters has positive results. The efficiency of the work of the authorities on the improvement of the district has increased, thanks to the persistence of the people's representatives, it was possible to achieve a major overhaul in the junior building of secondary school No. 18. In the summer, a new courtyard and a porch were made in front of the school building, bathrooms were repaired and new windows were installed. The assembly hall of the building of the elementary school No. 18 was renovated with the help of Tirotex. The company purchased materials. Before that, for more than half a century, the educational institution remained unattended.

An example of the active work of the deputies of the city and the Supreme Council in standing committees and working groups is the positive decision on the reconstruction of the stadium of school No. 18. The stadium has been in a deplorable state for many years. Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council Andrei Mezhinsky has repeatedly addressed the local and republican authorities with a proposal for its reconstruction. Recently, a positive response came. The complete renovation of the stadium is planned from 2021 to 2026. 3 million rubles will be allocated from the Capital Investment Fund. This money will be used to replace the coating, install sports equipment, a workout area and a playground.

The members of the public council did not disregard the problems in the sphere of housing and communal services, health care, transport communications and land relations.

Chairperson of the Public Council Alexandra Kirichuk, on behalf of the residents of the Komsomolskiy district in Tiraspol, thanked the deputies of the Supreme and City Councils and highly appreciated their work.