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Alexander Shcherba, "We all are from childhood"


Music, laughter, fun are components of the holiday of carefree childhood that took place on the territory of the operational group of Russian troops in Pridnestrovie. By noon, "boys and girls, as well as their parents" were brought here. People in uniform organized a holiday for their children, the children of the staff of the Supreme Council apparatus and those living in nearby houses - no restrictions. The agreement on a joint celebration was reached between the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba and the head of the OGRV Guard Colonel Dmitry Zelenkov after the Day of the Great Victory the Russian servicemen invited everyone to visit the "Partisan Village". Unforgettable impressions, why not repeat a successful experience?

The first, which rushed to the guys, were armored vehicles with machine guns. The children climbed along and across, sat in the driver's cab, took aim from the machine gun - everything was interesting.

The main guests of the holiday were greeted by the head of the OGRV Dmitry Zelenkov and the head of the legislature Alexander Shcherba.

As Alexander Shcherba later emphasized in his interview to journalists, in outwardly harsh people in the form of living according to the requirements of military regulations, there live real boys and girls who also want fun, carefree and universal celebration.

Today it was truly large-scale. Someone was swimming in the pool, someone was jumping on a trampoline, someone was eating "sweet cotton wool", someone was painting, someone was painting on his face. There were animators, acrobats and singers in a fun festive program.

The number of participants was easy to calculate by the given portions of ice cream. When our film crew was leaving the festival, they were given 550 portions of  ice cream.