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Alexander Scherba, "Investors can find use for capital in Pridnestrovie"


The leaders of the republic met in the House of official receptions with visiting Russian businessmen on visit in PMR. The delegation includes members of the governing body of the public organization Delovaya Rossiya, the Russian Trade and Financial Union, members of the boards of directors of large companies operating in various spheres of the economy. The scale and impact of the business landing from Russia can be testified only by one figure: in enterprises belonging to "Business Russia", employs more than a million Russians, and the turnover is trillions of rubles.

President Vadim Krasnoselsky, Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba, Prime Minister Alexander Martynov, heads of economic ministries, leading entrepreneurs trading with Russia, spoke with the Russians about the potential of our economy, its industrial and agrarian sectors, the investment opportunities of the republic, the factors that make Pridnestrovie in this regard, attractive for Russian businessmen who want to have a common cause with us.

In his speech to the guests, Vadim Krasnoselsky paid special attention to the export potential of our economy, especially in trade with the Russian Federation. With particular satisfaction, he spoke about a small but still growing supply of Pridnestrovian products to the promising Russian market.

All members of the Russian delegation had speech for a short presentation of the structures they represent. Pridnestrovie has many attractive factors for conducting joint business or investment.

One of them is the legislation in the sphere of investment. Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba told about it. He also thanked Russia for rendering various kinds of assistance to our republic, including by the ANO "Eurasian Integration", which has already built several important social facilities in Pridnestrovie.

Within the framework of the dialogue with the Russian representatives, the difficulties arising from the export of Pridnestrovian products to the Russian market, promising investment projects were outlined. An exchange of views was also held about the factors that make our region attractive for financial and material investments in order to make a profit, because this is what the activities of any entrepreneur are aimed at.