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Alexander Shcherba, "We need non-trivial approaches"


On behalf of the Supreme Council, the forum participants were greeted by the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba. The head of the republic's legislature expressed confidence that he would become a platform for competent discussion and a free exchange of views on topical issues of Pridnestrovian economy.

Pridnestrovian statehood did not emerge from scratch, Alexander Shcherba recalled. The economic foundation laid down in the foundation of our republic, it inherited from a great country. Built on the left bank of the Dniester in the Soviet years the production giants actually lifted the young republic from its knees. Once in the conditions of international non-recognition, the state was able to build its economic system, created conditions for the development of entrepreneurship.

As the head of the Pridnestrovian parliament noted, Pridnestrovians have experienced more than one economic blockade. This is not a new reality for the republic, but a set of conditions. Nevertheless, Pridnestrovie keeps and follows the traditions of a socially oriented state.

In the speaker's opinion, it is possible to overcome crisis phenomena by working out an intelligent state fiscal policy, keeping the balance between taxes as part of private capital income and taxes as a source of replenishment of the state budget. The task of the state is to use all available opportunities: legislative, managerial, regulatory, control and other - to create reliable conditions for doing business. This will stimulate the business community to solve social problems.

The priority vector of the Pridnestrovian economy is the integration into the space of the Customs Union, the exit of domestic producers to the markets of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian economic environment.

Alexander Shcherba expressed confidence that the ideas, scientific developments, non-standard approach, demonstrated by a separate enterprise, can become a starting point for the growth of Pridnestrovian economy and the republic as a whole. He wished the participants of the Economic Forum successful work.