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Alexander Shcherba, We are not just part of the Russian world, we are part of Russia's interests


The leadership of the republic, including the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba, met with heads of regional branches of the Union of Russian Communities of Pridnestrovie in the House of official receptions.

First of all, the President Vadim Krasnoselsky congratulated all Pridnestrovians, compatriots on the occasion of the Day of Russia.

The multi-faceted work of the Union of Russian Communities of Pridnestrovie was discussed by the head of the republican public organization Viorika Kokhtareva. This cooperation in various areas – is humanitarian, social, cultural, for organizing summer recreation for children, excursions for them to Russia. A special article of the relationship with the historical homeland is assistance in organizing social and political actions important for the Russian Federation on the territory of PMR, in particular, election campaigns, as it was in September last year. Then the Pridnestrovian Russians elected themselves plenipotentiary representatives to the State Duma.

The participants of the dialogue, taking advantage of the presence of the head of the legislative body at the meeting, asked Alexander Shcherba about the details of the previous meetings of the members of Pridnestrovian delegation with their Russian counterparts in Moscow.

The subject of a joint discussion of representatives of public authorities with the public was the information presence of Pridnestrovie in the media space of Russia; The possibilities of the first to help the latter in organizing and holding concerts, performances of talented creative collectives from Pridnestrovie in Russia; support and implementation of various joint social and humanitarian projects. A special issue was the possibility of obtaining Russian medical insurance policies by Russian citizens living in PMR, receiving funds from "maternity capital", as well as pensioners who are on pension provision of Russian Federation. This could be a pilot project to extend this practice to all 220,000 Pridnestrovians who possess Russian citizenship.

Touching upon this topic, Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Shcherba confirmed the readiness of the Russian side to provide high-tech medical assistance to Pridnestrovians, not only holders of Russian passports.