The Supreme Council
of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

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Alexander Shcherba, "We are ready to work, giving all the forces for the benefit of the common main thing - the development of our state"


The PMR anthem sounded in the legislative authority and announced the opening of the sixth session of the VI convocation of the Supreme Council. The first plenary session started in the presence of 39 deputies, The first President of the PMR Igor Smirnov, representatives of the executive branch of government, public organizations.

The first on the agenda is the law-in-draft "On Amending the Law "On the Status of Servicemen", which came in the mode of legislative necessity. The President, who is the author of the initiative, suggests granting the right to free-of-charge training at state universities on correspondence or evening training for servicemen who were drafted into the Armed Forces of the PMR after the end of their first year of study. In the President's opinion, this will create favorable conditions for those who pass military service on conscription and at the same time study in organizations of higher professional education.

The head of the profile parliamentary committee Galina Antyufeyeva proposed to retroactively apply the proposed norms, since the call for military service in the republic began on August 1.

The deputy corps adopted the law-in-draft in two readings. The document was sent for signature to the President.