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Alexander Shcherba, "Art is imperishable"


The traditional arts and folk art festival "Martisor" was held within 10 days in the big cities and small villages. It is held for the 26th time in independent Pridnestrovie and totally more than half a century. In the first 10 days of the spring of thousands and thousands of spectators visited the House of Culture, concert halls, theaters. Hundreds of Pridnestrovian and foreign artists were pleased with their talent - the best creative teams. Concerts, exhibitions, literary and musical evenings; choreography, vocal, drama - all this is multinational wreath as a gift to connoisseurs and admirers of art.

The final chord of the Arts Festival "Martisor-2018" was a concert of the Pridnestrovian state ensemble of dance and folk music "Viorika". It was hel at the crowded auditorium of the Palace of the Republic. Among the guests of honor there are Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Shcherba, Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Tsurkan, Head of the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage Maria Kirmyz. The Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Shcherba congratulated upon the ending of the festival decade On behalf of the leadership of the Republic of Pridnestrovie.

Alexander Shcherba, on behalf of the President, the deputy corps, congratulated the women of Pridnestrovie on the past International Women's Day March 8 taking into account that "Martisor" unites in itself even the spring, the awakening of nature and the women's holiday.

A huge basket of spring flowers from the President of the Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky was presented to all women of Pridnestrovie and artists who participated in the final concert of the festival.

The first notes of the groovy Moldavian melody set the spectators in a positive mood. There are Moldovan, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and others in the multinational wreath of songs and dances. There is never-ending applause of the audience as a token of gratitude for the skill and dedication of the artists of the "Viorica".