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Alexander Korshunov, “Pridnestrovie is a small part of the big Russian world”


Meeting of the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov, the vice-speaker of the parliament, the head of the parliamentary commission on foreign policy and international relations, Galina Antyufeyeva, deputy Oleg Vasilatiy, and a member of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Bair Zhamsuyev was held in the Supreme Council. He arrived in Pridnestrovie to participate in a conference of compatriots to be held in Tiraspol. One of the priority areas of the Federation Council committee on international affairs is precisely the support of compatriots living both in the near and far abroad.

The head of the legislature of the republic also noted the desire for Russia of the multinational people of Pridnestrovie, in which more than 70 nations and nationalities live, thanked Russia for the peacekeeping operation, which proved its effectiveness.

The Russian guest, in turn, thanked for the opportunity to meet with Pridnestrovian colleagues at the Supreme Council. Bair Zhamsuev noted that such dialogues and consultations are ongoing. On a regular basis, the head of the relevant committee of the Council of the Russian Federation Council on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev meets with the leadership of Pridnestrovie. Earlier, he repeatedly visited our republic. There is something to discuss - Pridnestrovie and Russia are developing cooperation in all areas, so a mutual exchange of views is always useful.

The representative of the Russian deputies expressed special gratitude to Pridnestrovians for their active participation in organizing and conducting in Pridnestrovie the elections of deputies of the State Duma, the President of the Russian Federation.

Pridnestrovian parliamentarians discussed with representatives of Russia possible options for continuing cooperation in the economy, in particular, specific issues related to Russian assistance in the reconstruction of the reclamation system of Pridnestrovie, attracting investors to various sectors of the Pridnestrovian economy.

The dialogue in the 5 + 2 format with Chisinau was discussed. Russia, as a mediator and guarantor of the negotiation process, is interested in implementing the agreements that the parties reached earlier.

An important area of ​​the theme of the meeting in the Supreme Council is humanitarian. Russian educational standards are used in Pridnestrovie; there is a constant need for training, retraining, and advanced training of Pridnestrovian teachers and teachers in Russia. The question was also raised about the need to increase the number of budget places for students from Pridnestrovie who expressed a desire to study in Russia.  

At the end of the meeting, its results were commented on for journalists by Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov and member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Council of the Federation of Russia Bair Zhamsuev.