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Alexander Korshunov, “Our task is to preserve the eternal memory, not allow to rewrite history and never allow these terrible events repetition”


Dear veterans!


June 22 is one of the most tragic dates in our history. On this day 79 years ago, the Great Patriotic War began.

Today we recall all those who died in battles, tortured in fascist captivity, who died in the rear from starvation and wounds.

The attack on the USSR began the bloodiest phase of World War II, the catastrophe that divided the twentieth century into two halves: before and after the war.

Fascist aggression against our country turned out to be the most brutal, because many regard the Great Patriotic War as genocide against the multinational people of the Soviet Union.

Tens of millions of dead - not a single state in the world remembers such human sacrifices.

June 22 was the day of testing the strength of the patriotic spirit. The day, showing the unity of all the peoples of the Soviet Union.

1418 long front days were ahead. The people made their choice from the first days: to be with their Fatherland in a moment of danger, to stand for it to death. “The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours!"

The history of the Great Patriotic War is inseparable from the history of Pridnestrovie. The soldiers of the Soviet Army have repeatedly shown courage, unwavering will, courage and heroism on our land. Thousands of soldiers are buried in the mass graves of Pridnestrovian land, thousands are considered unknown and missing. Our region will never forget one of the greatest battles in the history of the war - the Iasi-Chisinau operation, which is called one of the 10 "Stalinist strikes."

Many veterans and participants in World War II are no longer alive. 79 years have passed, but the consequences of that war remind of them today.

Our task with you is to preserve and carry through the years and centuries eternal memory, not to allow rewriting of history and never allow the repetition of these terrible events.

The memory of those terrible war years, as well as the unceasing folk pain, will forever remain in the hearts of our people, from generation to generation we will honor and pass on the sacred memory of heroes who went through all the hardships of a terrible war. People are not just survived, but survived and won.

We bow low to our veterans, home front workers - all those who, at the cost of heroic deeds, brought closer the Great Victory Day. I wish you, our dear veterans, good health, long life, love, warmth, attention and care of your loved ones!



Chairman of the Supreme Council

of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic 

Alexander Korshunov