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Alexander Korshunov, “We will be able to withstand this blow, but only by joint efforts”


Participants of the talk show "Step Towards" talked about how Pridnestrovie lives in the state of emergency. Among those invited: Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov, Deputies Viktor Guzun and Vadim Kravchuk.

The Parliament Speaker emphasized: the Supreme Council supported the presidential decree on the introduction of state of emergency. The situation is serious. More than 170 countries have recorded cases of coronavirus infection. Now this is a planetary problem. It will be wrong to assume that it does not touch Pridnestrovie.

Deputy of the Supreme Council Vadim Kravchuk noted: in China, they realized that against the invisible enemy - the coronavirus - there is no weapon. Therefore, the main measure of counteraction was quarantine. It showed its effectiveness.

No one in Pridnestrovie has experience in combating pandemic, participants in the dialogue noted. Priority measures were introduced. They will be adjusted according to the situation. In addition, it is important to find a balance in order to take into account the interests of both business and the state. Deputies are now receiving recommendations from various associations of small businesses, transporters, and builders. The Supreme Council will analyze them and formulate proposals for the working group. The Parliament will adopt a set of anti-crisis measures in the form of legislative acts.

To support entrepreneurs, the state decided to postpone the deadlines for tax payments and reporting. Deferment will be provided for utility bills. Banks will review the schedule of payments on loans, during the period of the emergency they will not accrue interest. Individual entrepreneurs will freeze the validity of a patent or revise its value.

According to the Chairman of the Supreme Council, in no state the law enforcement system, the healthcare system and state authorities will not cope with the problem without the support of citizens.