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Alexander Korshunov, “The International Economic Forum is a festival of experience, ideas, breakthrough projects”


On June 8, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum completed three-day work. According to the organizer of the event, Roskongress, more than 19 thousand people from 145 countries took part in the forum. Every year the number of participants grows.

This year, Pridnestrovian delegation was a member of the SPIEF, which included representatives of the legislature of the republic: Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov, Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Enterprise and Industry Viktor Guzun, and Head of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture Mikhail Burla.

About 170 events took place at the forum. They affect, first of all, issues of economics and business. Discussion areas were also devoted to energy, transport, world economic problems, use of digital technologies in business and international cooperation.

This year, the SPIEF broke the record for the volume of signed agreements. A total of 650 of them in the amount of 3 trillion 100 billion Russian rubles. Among the agreements is an agreement on the opening of the Russian Trade Project, concluded between the Investment Agency of the PMR and the Council for the Development of Foreign Trade and International Economic Relations of the Russian Federation. The document was signed by heads of organizations Andrei Betanov and Maksim Chereshnev. The Russian Trade Project will operate in Moscow. Its goal is to help promote Pridnestrovian producers in the Russian market.