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Alexander Korshunov, “I am proud of the youth of Pridnestrovie”


A rich program was prepared for the participants of the youth meeting "Tiras-2019". Approximately 300 children from all over the republic participate in master classes, quests, business games, communicate with the leaders of Pridnestrive and foreign guests.

“Dialogue with the speaker” is the name of the discussion platform, the hero of which was the Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov. According to the speaker, “Tiras-2019” is a forum where guys with the makings of executives come to light. It is they who will manage the republic in the near future.

The activist representing the capital's delegation, Svetlana Karapunarly, was interested in what the state plans to do to change the demographic situation for the better.

The speaker of the parliament noted: the first task that the President has set is to provide affordable housing for young families. Starting from 2020, funds will be budgeted for these purposes. A large amount of work is also planned in terms of improvement: gardening of parks, laying of public gardens, construction of playgrounds.

According to the girl, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of part-time work.

The question of the possible cancellation of the USE participants of the meeting, among which the majority are schoolchildren, greeted with applause. The speaker of the parliament is a supporter of the traditional system of conducting final certification.

Communication with young people lasted more than an hour. Concluding the meeting, the Speaker of the Parliament advised young people not to be afraid to set goals, even if they seem to be unattainable. Only action can lead to results. General photo is in memory of the meeting. Bright pictures will soon be in all social networks.