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Alexander Korshunov, “If you set a goal and try to achieve it, then solving problems will always come”


The Chairman of the Supreme Council Alexander Korshunov, his colleague in the deputy corps, representing the interests of Kamenka residents in the parliament Valery Babchinetsky are among the participants in the session of the Council of People's Deputies of the Kamenka district and the city of Kamenka held in the northernmost city of the republic.

The development of the republic as a whole, of individual regions in modern conditions is impossible without planning. This materializes in all kinds of short-term, medium-term and long-term programs adopted at various levels and for various industries. Deputies of the city district council during the session of the local representative body of Kamenka heard a report of the Head of state administration Vladimir Bychkov on the implementation of the district development program for 2017-2021.

The report contains detailed information about the situation in almost every industry: roads, street lighting, heat, gas and water supply systems, public education, culture, sports, healthcare, passenger transportation. There are more "unresolved issues than solved". The main reason for this situation is the lack in the local budget of the financial resources necessary for the implementation of all tasks, although the dynamics of their revenues in recent years is positive.

Vladimir Bychkov several times drew attention to the legislative solution to some of the problems that existed in the Kamenka district. For example, the liberalization of migration legislation has led to the fact that for the first time in many decades, the local Dniester sanatorium is one hundred percent full. Using the funds earned for the implementation of permits, the health resort develops its own infrastructure. In particular, a new clinic is being built here, which will additionally house the radon baths that are popular with vacationers. The cost of all work is 500 thousand euros. Improving the district’s infrastructure is helped by the funds of the state program for the execution of voters orders adopted by the Supreme Council, as well as the implementation of the law requiring private house owners to conclude an agreement on the export of solid waste.

Approving the Development Strategy of Pridnestrovie for 2019-2026, the President recommended that local authorities develop similar documents for their cities. Residents of Kamenka made it one of the first. The Kamenka District Development Program for 2019-2026 was presented during the last session. The new program has three main sections: economics (AIC), beautification and the social sphere.

The Kamenka District Development Program for 2019-2026 has become a practical implementation of the provisions of the Pridnestrovian Development Strategy, approved by the President. The Parliament Speaker Alexander Korshunov called the decision of local deputies fateful for the district.

Noting the importance of the decision adopted by the deputies from Kamenka, the speaker noted that If you set a goal and try to achieve it, then solving problems will always come. Accordingly, all those program installations that are laid down in the medium-term development document for the district will be completed. The Head of the supreme legislative authority wished the residents of the Kamenka district to make every effort to implement the program so that it would become even more beautiful and attractive.

A dialogue between the Chairman of the Supreme Council and deputies of Kamenka, representatives of local executive bodies was held at the end of the session. Alexander Korshunov informed about the receipt of the draft budget-2020, the beginning of work on it, called for more active participation in legislative work, since local bodies of representative power under the Constitution are the subjects of legislative initiative.

One of the questions from the audience dealt with an acute transport problem for the region. The Speaker promised to discuss the possibility of paying the state debt to transport companies that carry out the function of transporting privileged categories of the population, and possibly increase limits for these purposes, as part of the budget for next year. The local budget does not have the means to pay the carriers in full, so they reduce flights, and people complain about the lack of routes.