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The 40th anniversary of the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan


On December 25, 1979, the Afghan war began. It is called the longest in the history of the Soviet Union (1979–1989). The battles involved more than a million Soviet citizens who performed international duties. Over 15 thousand lives remained on the battlefields. 54 Pridnestrovians did not return from that ten-year war. Almost 7 thousand Soviet fighters became disabled.

Forty years have passed since the Soviet army entered Afghanistan. To commemorate the soldiers-internationalists, their comrades-in-arms, relatives, widows come to the Memorial of Glory in Tiraspol annually.

The participants honored a minute of silence of the dead comrades. Flowers were laid at the monument to the “Afghan” warrior. In total, 1600 “Afghans” live in the republic today.

As the chairman of the Pridnestrovian Association of War Veterans in Afghanistan, Deputy of the Supreme Council Igor Buga noted, the state today takes care of veterans, including “Afghans”.