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In memory of the heroism of the liberators


Victory Day was celebrated in cities and districts of Pridnestrovie. This is stated on the website of the Obnovlenie party. The "Immortal regiment" was held in Dnestrovsk. Thanks to the event, the memory of the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War will live for centuries. Victor Guzun, deputy of the Supreme Council for the electoral district number 43 passed in the column.

The holiday program in honor of the Great Victory Day began with a meeting in Slobodzeia. The immortal regiment started from the same place. Hundreds of citizens with portraits of their relatives passed in the same row. Residents of the Moldavian part of the city met the participants of the Immortal Regiment on the square of the district House of Culture, where festive meeting was held. After the meeting, flowers were laid at the eternal flame.

The same day, Pavel Shinkaryuk visited the veterans of the Great Patriotic War at home, warmly and cordially congratulated them on the holiday and wished them health and well-being.

About five thousand people marched in the Immortal regiment in Dubossary. People with portraits of native soldiers went to the Memorial complex, where they honored the memory of the fallen soldiers with a minute of silence and laid flowers on the graves of the liberators. By tradition, in the first rows of the Immortal Regiment were children with portraits of their great-grandfathers, who dearly defended the world for future generations. Representatives of the deputies and public organizations carried the Victory Banner and St. George ribbon.

The Immortal Regiment in Grigoriopol is replenished every year with new members. People of different ages walked side by side in the column keeping the memory of their relatives.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory, meeting was held in Grigoriopol. At the end of the meeting, flowers were laid at the Grieving Mother memorial. Deputy of the Supreme Council for the electoral district 9 Oleg Leontyev took part in the celebrations.

Residents of Bendery were in the ranks of the Immortal Regiment with portraits of their relatives. Representatives of the deputy corps, local activists, members of public organizations carried the St. George ribbon around the city - a symbol of loyalty to the history of Russia and the victories of the Russian people in battles defending the Fatherland.

Memorial ceremony was held at the Memorial of Military Glory, residents of Bendery laid flowers on the graves of the soldiers-liberators. A minute of silence was honored by the inhabitants of the city in memory of the fallen heroes of liberators. The event was attended by deputy of the Supreme Council for the electoral district number 8 Anton Onufienko.

In Rybnitsa, Victory Day celebrations began the night before. The city administration, deputies representing the interests of the rybnichans in the Supreme Council, Jacob Galak, Valentin Matveychuk, Vasily Kunitsky, members of public organizations, and young people took part in the “Candle of Memory” patriotic action. To the sound of music, the townspeople lit candles and laid flowers at the Eternal Flame near the plates with the names of the fish who died in the war.

In the morning, flowers were laid at memorial sign to General K. N. Tsvetkov, under whose command the city was liberated from the German-Romanian invaders in March 1944. Celebrations continued on the central square, where the flag of the PMR and the flag of the city of Rybnitsa were raised, and Military Parade was held.

Then the Immortal Regiment started from Victory Square. The obelisk of Glory held a memorable ceremony "Wars sacred pages forever in human memory." For participants in the war, a traditional dugout with field kitchens and a concert by the creative team “Veteran” were organized.

During the festive processions, the youth congratulated the residents and guests of the city on May 9 and handed St. George ribbons as a symbol of the connection between generations and the memory of the Great Victory.

Residents of Kamenka laid flowers at the graves of Soviet soldiers, at the memorial plates of the memorial complex at the city cemetery. Celebrations continued at the Memorial of Glory in the park named after Wittgenstein. Residents of Kamenka came here with portraits of relatives, front-line soldiers. The deputy of the Supreme Council for the constituency number 15 Valery Babchinetsky became the march participant.

Concerts were held in Kamenka, exhibitions opened. The republican motorcycle race dedicated to the Victory Day started here. During the day, convoy of two dozen motorcycles visited memorials in all cities of Pridnestrovie and completed its journey in the capital of the republic.