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The 20th Anniversary of the Republican Rehabilitation Center for people with special needs


The Republican Rehabilitation Center for people with special needs celebrates its 20th anniversary in a new building. Equipped with everything necessary for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities, the complex was opened in 2020. The renovation of the long-term construction in Lenin Street in Tiraspol was carried out at the expense of the Capital Investment Fund. The building was handed over to the institution on behalf of the President in 2018.

The rehabilitation center belongs to the constituency No.28 "Central". Deputy of the Supreme Council Ilona Tyuryaeva congratulated the staff of the state institution on its anniversary.

The deputy of the Supreme Council read out the welcoming address of the Speaker of the Supreme Council. Alexander Korshunov notes in the welcoming address that the Center has been engaged in socially significant, humanly necessary work many years in the interests of people with special needs, aimed at creating conditions for realizing their potential, providing them with equal opportunities on an equal basis with others.

The republican institution is unique; there is no such complex in the post-Soviet space. State support is also provided in financing the travel of para-athletes to various international sites. In addition, large-scale work was carried out to equip social institutions with special transport according to the Minister for Social Protection and Labor Elena Kulichenko. Municipal social welfare institutions, rehabilitation centers for children with disabilities, and the Rehabilitation Center for people with special needs for several years have received transport with lifts in order to transport people with musculoskeletal disorders and vision problems.

A number of employees of the organization were awarded state awards in honor of the anniversary. The Republican Center was awarded with the President's Diploma. The Head of the Center Georgy Cheban was awarded the Order of Labor Glory.