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Vadim Levitsky, "Railwaymen are famous for family dynasties"


A ceremonial meeting was held at the Palace of the Republic dedicated to the Day of the Railway Worker and the 150th anniversary of the opening of the train movement on the Kuchurgan-Tiraspol section. The staff of Pridnestrovian Railway was congratulated by the Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov, Minister of Economic Development Sergei Obolonik, Member of the Supreme Council, Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Entrepreneurship and Industry Vadim Levitsky.

The head of the executive body handed the railroaders a welcome address from the President of the republic Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The parliamentarian Vadim Levitsky joined the congratulations sent to the railway workers.

Pridnestrovian railway is 254 km of tracks, 689 people of personnel, 72 of whom work at the enterprise for more than 35 years. Several generations of railway workers have been changed for 150 years of train traffic. Railway of Pridnestrovie is famous for family dynasties and industry veterans.

Railway workers of Pridnestrovie were awarded state awards and professional badges of honor. A holiday concert became a gift to the employees of the enterprise.