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"Memory Road" in Tiraspol


On the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War in Tiraspol, in the Komsomolsky district, the “Memory Road” campaign was launched. This is the initiative of the Deputy of the Supreme Council of the PMR Andrei Mezhinsky. Everyone can send photos and stories about relatives who worked in the rear or fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War by analogy with the Russian mass event.

Witnesses of the terrible years of the war - those who were then a child - are also invited to participate in the project. What was the childhood of the war, what is most engraved in the memory, how did the life of the girls and boys develop later, whose lot had been hard trials?

All collected materials before the celebration of the Great Victory Day on May 9 will be published in the online gallery of the Komsomolsky district.

According to Andrey Mezhinsky, the "Memory Road" project is intended to preserve in every family and in every home the memory of the soldiers and officers of the Great Patriotic War.

One of the first in the "Memory Road" was attended by a student of the 4th grade of school №18 Arina Protsyuk. She collected information about her great-grandfather Kharlampy Artemovich Protsyuk: she found supporting documents that the veteran reached Berlin, and published orders for receiving awards. The Red Army soldier went a long military journey and was awarded various awards, and after the war he returned to his native village and worked all his life on a collective farm as a combine operator.

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