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"The Entrepreneur's Alphabet"


"The Entrepreneur's Alphabet", issued by the Russian public organization "Business People", is intended for both businessmen and representatives of supervisory and supervisory bodies and is for today a unique one-of-a-kind directory for new inspection mechanisms. The directory is capacious and essentially answers to many questions. When does the enterprise wait for a scheduled inspection and what are the grounds for carrying out unscheduled control measures? What is the competence of the inspection bodies? How to make a complaint about their wrongful actions?

 The last two years in Russia there has been a reform of control and supervision activities launched at the end of 2016 by the Presidential Council on Strategic Development and Priority Projects under the President of the Russian Federation. The program until 2025 aims to improve the effectiveness of inspections and at the same time reduce the administrative burden on organizations. The public business ombudsman Dina Krylova, dealing with the issues of combating corruption in law enforcement, within the framework of the authorized body under the President for the protection of entrepreneurs' rights, worked on the creation of the directory.

The publication did not set out to reflect all the diversity of legislation in this sphere, the ombudsman added. The paper version of the handbook is executed in a pocket format and is a short "liquidation" for the most important and "risky" aspects of working with inspection bodies. The development of the project should be the release of the electronic form "ABCs", with active links to all relevant by-laws and documents.

It is very important to create a platform for receiving feedback from entrepreneurs, said Natalia Kostenko, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Control and Rules at a press conference.