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Land issues and not only


The government proposed to introduce a number of amendments and addendum to the Land Code. The legislative initiatives sent to the Supreme Council were considered by the deputies of the profile parliamentary committee. In particular, it was about the regulation of legal relations related to the transfer of agricultural land for lease. In the author's opinion, in order for this category of land to be used efficiently and rationally, it is necessary to define the criteria on the basis of which the authorized body can give consent to the transfer, including the lands of the state reserve fund, to third parties.

At the same time, in the opinion of parliamentarians, it is necessary to observe a balance: that both the lands are not empty, and the criteria for sublease transfer were adequate. The land should be used for its intended purpose, that is, in agriculture. If the land user has difficulties in processing it, he can lease the land to another person, but this should be only a certain part of the land plot. According to the law-in-draft, the authorized body of executive power will determine these criteria. The deputies recommended that the Supreme Council adopt the initiative in the first reading.

Parliamentarians in the first reading considered a new for the republic law "On participation in the shared construction of multi-apartment houses and other real estate". The document is created to regulate the relationship associated with attracting funds to the construction of housing funds of citizens and legal entities. The government, which is the author of the initiative, supposes that this will allow citizens to solve the housing problem. This practice is used today in the Russian Federation.

A number of comments and suggestions in the course of consideration were received. They will be the subject of discussion of the law-in-draft in the future, while the document is recommended for adoption in the first reading.

Parliamentarians during the meeting of the committee supported the legislative initiative of the colleague-deputy Vadim Kravchuk, which provides for the amendment to the law "On Beekeeping". The author proposed in order to protect citizens who have an allergic reaction to bee venom, to prohibit the establishment of apiaries at a distance of more than 100 meters from public health institutions, pre-school education organizations, cultural institutions, farms, places of mass gathering of people and animals, . Today, this rule defines a distance limitation of 10 meters.