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Protect the interests of citizens


Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy discussed the issue of export of solid waste by specialized enterprises. In practice, there are cases of refusal of organizations to conclude contracts with consumers of services, citing the lack of prescribed in the private sector. Deputy of the Supreme Council Anton Onufienko proposed to solve the problem. In his opinion, it is necessary to introduce administrative responsibility for unreasonable refusal.

The author of the law-in-draft proposes to levy a fine from enterprises collecting and exporting solid waste for an unreasonable refusal to conclude a contract for the provision of services in the amount of from 100 to 200 of minimum wage. According to Anton Onufienko, the introduction of administrative responsibility will help protect the interests of citizens. Colleagues on the relevant committee supported the proposed amendments to the Administrative Code and recommended it for adoption in the first reading.

Deputies of the committee discussed law-in-draft that proposed to prescribe that if the owner concludes an agreement on the provision of services for the collection and disposal of garbage in the absence of prescribed, then the payment for the removal of solid waste should not be collected. The initiative was initiated by Deputy Anton Onufienko.

According to the author of the initiative Anton Onufienko, it is necessary to resolve all the existing problems in this service sector. The concept of the law-in-draft was supported by the deputies of the committee. If the law-in-draft is adopted in the first reading, the voiced proposals will be finalized as part of its preparation for the second reading.

Parliamentarians continued to discuss the issue of increasing consumer responsibility for late payment for housing and utilities. Amendments to the Housing Code were adopted in the first reading. The law-in-draft is prepared for consideration in the second reading. Today, during the committee meeting, deputies supported the amendment, that does not offer a penalty to the consumer, who has entered into an installment agreement. The final decision - for the deputies.