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Legislatively regulate the process of Suvorov School students training

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


Preparations for opening of the Tiraspol Suvorov School are continuing. The board of trustees of the educational institution includes Deputy of the Supreme Council Ilona Tyuryaeva. Earlier: the opening of the school in the capital is scheduled for September 1. Today the entrance tests started. Approximately 60 children from Bendery and Tiraspol have already passed examinations in basic subjects.

The Supreme Council continues to work on the regulation of the teaching process at the Suvorov School at the legislative level. Today the deputies of the Committee supported amendments to the law "On Education" in the second reading. The purpose of the amendments, developed by the head of the profile committee, Mikhail Burla, is to allow military schools to combine general education programs with supplementary education programs. The author of the law-in- draft believes that this norm legislatively fixes the specifics of training in a military school, when children receive, on the one hand, general education according to an approved standard, on the other - specialized military skills. A similar norm is applied in Russian legislation. This practice was used earlier when the Republican Cadet Boarding School was established in Bendery. However, the mechanism was not legislated. The author also proposes to give the students of the Suvorov Military School the right to free travel on urban, suburban and intra-district transport.

Vice-Speaker Galina Antyufeeva offered to provide this benefit to students and the Cadet School. According to preliminary data, voiced today, these guys, which will spread the privilege, about two hundred. In the course of the meeting of the profile committee it was noted: there have been cases when the students of the Cadet Corps had not left the barracks school for several months because of the lack of funds. The initiative of the parliamentarian found approval among the deputies of the responsible committee.