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The Law against Natural Disasters


The Committee on State Regional Policy examined the legislative initiative of Chairman of the Committee Oleg Vasilaty that provides for the introduction of payment for the placement of solid domestic waste on the territory of the republic. Corresponding amendments are proposed to be included in the Law on Payments for Pollution of the Environment and Use of Natural Resources. According to the author of the law-in-draft, a new payment, on the one hand, will become a source of financing targeted measures to eliminate spontaneous landfills, on the other - it will encourage citizens to conclude agreements on garbage disposal with specialized enterprises.

The problem of spontaneous landfills is old and at the same time topical. In general, unauthorized discharge of solid waste in violation of the legislation in the sphere of the environment occurs on the outskirts of settlements. The head of the profile committee Oleg Vasilaty cited a negative example of his constituency.

Today, the service for the export of solid domestic waste is the subject of contractual relations between citizens and a specialized organization. But there is no rule that obliges residents to enter into an appropriate contract, thereby preserving the environment. At the same time, the elimination of spontaneous landfills is very costly and, as a result, more costly than the removal and disposal of waste. Funds for global cleaning are not enough for the company. The proposed law-in-draft is aimed at encouraging residents to conclude treaties for the export of solid waste.

The legislative initiative was supported in the Committee and recommended to the deputy corps to adopt it in the first reading.

During the meeting, the deputies also considered legislations concerning the functioning of the local Government system. One of them determines the powers of the local authorities in establishing the benefits for paying the tax on the housing fund and objects of the social and cultural sphere. Another legislative initiative provides for the right of local self-government bodies to use the image of the state emblem on the departmental press. Both legislations are recommended for adoption in the first reading.