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The law will determine the duty


Deputies of the Committee for State Regional Policy considered a law-in-draft providing for citizens to purchase and install water meters. In the opinion of the author of the legislative initiative of Oleg Vasilaty, the voluntary nature of the norm in force in the law does not allow the water supply organizations to fully solve the problems of the deterioration of engineering networks that have been in a poor state for a long time.

As the parliamentarian noted, if gas and electricity meters are located in strictly designated places and they have access, then the installation of a water meter is in most cases connected with the production of certain construction works. Therefore, it is proposed: the consumer independently conducts its primary installation. Taking into account the social nature of the proposed changes, the law-in-draft provides for the first time to buy and install hydrometers in installments.

The consumer also has the right to transfer hydrometers to the water supply organization on request at any time. Then the next time they will not have to check and install the counters themselves.

Deputies of the profile committee recommended that the Supreme Council adopt a legislative initiative in the first reading.

Parliamentarians in the first reading considered legislation, drafted by the Bendery City Council of People's Deputies. Amendments are proposed to be included in the law "On Leasing State and Municipal Property". As it was explained by the chairman of the City Council Yuri Kara, the law-in-draft provides for the possibility of local self-government bodies to independently conduct trades in the implementation of the right to lease municipal property.

Oleg Vasilaty the chairman of the responsible committee is sure such a single center is necessary for the whole republic. The law "On the lease of state and municipal property" was adopted several years ago and provides for the conduct of competitive procedures for the transfer of public and municipal property for long-term lease. This, according to the current law should be handled by a specialized organization, the rules of its work should be defined and a register of objects to be leased for a long-term period should be established. But to this day, the head of the profile committee said, this mechanism in the republic does not work. Municipal authorities rent objects for 11 months, the period when the competition is not provided by law.

The parliamentarians noted the positive nature of the legislative initiative and recommended that the deputy corps adopt it in the first reading.