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The President submitted to the Supreme Council for approval the candidacy of Andrian Penkovsky for the post of chairman of the Supreme Court. This is due to the fact that on November 28 the term for the performance of duties by the former head of the highest judicial body Vladimir Rymar expires. He was approved for this position twice: in 2007 and 2013. Deputies considered the issue of dismissal and the appointment of the chairman of the Supreme Court in the course of the meeting of the Legislation Committee.

Andrian Penkovsky served in the prosecutor’s office in various positions, also worked in the Moscow Law Center Collegium of Lawyers, and practiced law. In 2017, he was appointed judge of the Supreme Court.

In his opinion, it is also possible to introduce a video-conferencing system for the judicial process. Work should be organized to systematically improve the qualifications of judges. Each court decision entails legal consequences for citizens, said Andrian Penkovsky. Therefore, the Supreme Court should strive for flawless decisions in view of high responsibility.

The candidate for the post of head of the highest judicial body called the timely and efficient publication of texts of the adopted judicial acts on the official website of the Supreme Court one of the points of the reform of the judicial system.

Deputies voted in favor of the appointment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andrian Penkovsky, expressing hope for fruitful joint work. The deputies intend to consider the question of dismissal and appointment of the head of the highest judicial body tomorrow during the plenary session.