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The second reading: repetition


At the last plenary meeting, July 5, the deputy corps adopted amendments to the laws "On Advertising", "On the Basics of the Tax System", and the Land Code in the first reading. The entrepreneurs insist in improving the legislation in the sphere of advertising. By the decision, parliamentarians at the legislative level establish a unified approach to the procedure for issuing permits, including technical passports, the terms for which they are issued, and not as it was before, when these issues were regulated by regulatory enactments of local authorities. Legislators also voted in the first reading for the unlimited issuance of technical documents for the placement of outdoor advertising, the implementation of the fee for its distribution based on the specific terms of its actual deployment.

As part of the preparation of the basic law-in-draft "On Advertising" for the second reading, the Parliamentary Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry prepared amendments to both the adoption and the rejection, which were considered during the meeting of the Committee, which started the current working week in the Supreme Council. The subject of the dispute was the proposal of the State Media Service that representatives of the advertising business send the visualized layout of advertising products to the agency in an electronic form. According to her representatives, this is necessary in order to timely identify unethical, inaccurate information, contrary to current legislation, threatening, for example, state security, sovereignty and independence of PMR. In the opinion of the deputies of the profile parliamentary committee, this issue relates to regulation within the framework of a separate legislative initiative, since these proposals were not reflected in the official conclusion of the Government.

One of the amendments introduced into the law "On the Basics of the Tax System" suggests that the procedure for charging fees for the placement of outdoor advertising should be determined by a unified Government regulation.

The final decision on the package of legislations related to the functioning of the advertising business should be made by the deputy corps in the course of the plenary meeting scheduled for July 12.