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Temporary Remote Working

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


At the legislative level the new type of remote work is being introduced – temporary. This concept includes remote work of a continuous nature for a period of up to six months or the alternation of remote work and presence at the workplace. A group of deputies of the Committee on Social Policy proposed to amend the Labor Code. The Head of the Committee and co-author of the law-in-draft Sergei Cheban noted that teleworking is spelled out in the labor legislation of many countries, including Russia.

Changes to the Labor Code are made to protect the rights of the employee. We are talking about a guarantee of remuneration, the mechanism for concluding an agreement and the settlement of other issues. Having studied the experience of other states, the deputies of the Committee made amendments to the labor legislation of the PMR. Parliamentarians will consider the law-in-draft in the first reading at one of the plenary sessions.