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The law-in-draft "On Non-Profit Organizations" is under consideration by the Supreme Council. Legislators propose to introduce a new conceptual apparatus that defines the activities of non-profit organizations, their functions, "foreign agent" term. This status is proposed to provide non-profit organizations involved in political activities, while receiving funds from various foreign sources. The authors of the law-in-draft are the deputies of the fifth convocation Vyacheslav Tobukh, Vitaly Zinovenko and Claudia Treskova. The idea was supported by their colleagues in the deputy corps of the current convocation continued to work in this direction. The parliamentarians emphasize that the law-in-draft does not impose a ban on financing NPOs that act as foreign agents, a special procedure for monitoring the revenues and expenditures of these organizations is being introduced. The draft law provides for the maintenance of a special register: NGOs before the beginning of the activity as a foreign agent must send an application for registration, in case of refusal the activity of a non-profit organization is suspended for six months. As part of the preparation of the draft law, much work has been done, the issue was discussed at various venues, including through public hearings. The basis was the relevant law in force in the Russian Federation.

The profile parliamentary committee recommended the deputy corps in the second reading to adopt a package of legislations regulating the activities of non-profit organizations.