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Victor Guzun, “The task of the state is to arrange such a workflow so that it is easier for entrepreneurs to receive compensation”

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


2837 individual entrepreneurs who, due to quarantine measures were forced to suspend operations, received financial compensation from the state in March. Its size was calculated from the date of introduction of restrictions. There are no actual payments for April. Deputies of the Supreme Council are concerned about this issue. Today, the problem was discussed in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Enterprise Development on-line. The dialogue was attended by parliamentarians and representatives of the executive authority.

According to parliamentarians, during the state of emergency, all state authorities should fulfill their functions as quickly as possible so that citizens receive money for the purchase of food and other vital goals.

Deputies of the relevant committee noted that the Supreme Council promptly amended the anti-crisis law, meetings of parliamentary committees and the deputy corps were held weekly. The main goal is to simplify the procedure for receiving monetary compensation by individual entrepreneurs. Today, the profile committee has prepared another amendment, which proposes to prescribe that individual entrepreneurs must submit a statement to the Unified State Social Insurance Fund indicating the data of an identity document. Copies of passports are not needed.

Applications for cash compensation for April were sent to the Unified State Social Insurance Fund by 2226 individual entrepreneurs. These lists are checked by the tax office. Deputies of the Supreme Council are also concerned about the decrease in the number of applications compared to March.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Stanislav Kasap, today a government order was signed to finance about 3.5 million rubles for the payment of monetary compensation to individual entrepreneurs.

In addition to this issue, the deputies considered the possibility for business representatives to postpone the deadline for implementation of orders from regulatory authorities. According to the Committee, they can eliminate all the deficiencies within three months after the end of the state of emergency. As Victor Guzun added, business representatives for objective reasons did not have the opportunity to eliminate these restrictions.

Deputies will consider all the proposals voiced by the deputies of the Committee tomorrow. The plenary meeting on May 27 will also be held in the Skype conference mode.