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Victor Guzun, "The Audits should not be a mechanism of pressure to business"

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


Consideration by deputies of the Committee of the Supreme Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry, together with representatives of the business community, of the law-in-draft "On Amendments to the Law of the PMR "On the Procedure for Conducting Audits in the Conduct of State Control (Supervision)" in the first reading caused great resonance both in state structures and in a business environment. Despite the difference in the approaches and positions of the parties, the law-in-draft was adopted by the Supreme Council in the first reading with the condition that the second will take into account the remarks and proposals expressed by the subjects of the legislative law. However, the course of today's meeting demonstrated that it was not possible to dot the i’s up to this point. The tone of discussion of the controversial issues was set by the chairman of the parliamentary committee for the development of entrepreneurship and industry Viktor Guzun.

Thus, the decision of the Committee's deputies was unambiguous that the time for unscheduled audit should be limited to 15 days. It will be held only on the grounds and on the subject matter that can be indicated in the complaint or application. It will not be complex, it will be targeted.

Discussions between representatives of public authorities and those who took part in the meeting of the Committee arose with regard to planned inspections. In accordance with the current legislation, they are held every three years and are comprehensive with the involvement of specialists from various departments and services. At the same time, entrepreneurs suppose that controlling authorities often abuse the right to extend the period of verification, which is related to the sending of requests to certain instances. Representatives of the business community suppose that for scheduled inspections, temporary restrictions should be established, especially with regard to economic entities with a small number of employees. The Russian Federation, for example, their maximum term is set at the legislative level 60 working days. The parliamentarian Vadim Kravchuk drew the attention of colleagues and participants of the meeting of the Committee.

The second reading in the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry was a legislative initiative of Deputy Vadim Lipsky. Its essence is in the possibility of providing services in the sphere of public catering on the basis of an individual entrepreneurial patent. While supporting the concept of the law-in-draft as a whole in its first reading, the government nevertheless pointed out that public catering is a whole chain of technological operations that are physically impossible to accomplish simultaneously to one person. Members of the profile committee took into account this observation in preparation for the law-in-draft "On Amendments and Addendum to the Law of the PMR "On an Individual Business Patent" for the second reading. The way out is seen in the issue to such a person of the so-called master patent, which allows an individual entrepreneur to hire up to 5 people, paying their patent. Moreover, legislators recently granted such a right to them. The amendments to the law-in-draft also set different patent price rates, depending on the area of ​​the premises where catering services are provided.