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Victor Guzun, "We must change approaches to spending budget funds"

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


The Supreme Council adopted a completely new for the legal framework of Pridnestrovie, the law-in-draft "On public procurement in Pridnestrovie" in the first reading. The authors of the law-in-draft, including the deputies of the profile parliamentary Committee on Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry when preparing it for the second reading decided to listen to the opinion of the expert community. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, CCI, SPAPP, enterprises and organizations that supply products for the needs of the state, render services, perform works expressed their position on the law-in-draft during the working committee's meeting under the auspices of the committee.

The concept of the law-in-draft "On public procurement in the PMR" is based on the planning of all that the state intends to purchase for its needs in the coming financial year, the transition from tenders and request for proposals to conduct open electronic auctions in the form of an auction "to lower the price".

At the same time, the state must decide on the maximum possible price at which it is ready to buy from a supplier a particular product at the first stage. At the second stage there will be no influence of customers - only the auctioneer and the decision of competitors at the auction.

Within the framework of the discussion, representatives of enterprises supplying products for the state's needs, rendering services to it, performing works for it, expressed fears that customers would not be ready to specify in detail what they want from the contractors.

The representative of the SPAPP gave the deputies of the responsible committee of the Supreme Council an amendment to the law-in-draft under discussion. The participants constantly asked in the course of the workshop: "Are we ready for change?"

The participants during the workshop discussed many more relevant topics: accounting for inflation and devaluation on the formation of the order execution price, government calculations for already completed orders (many executors, suppliers, the budget owed millions of rubles for the received products).

It is assumed that the law-in-draft "On public procurement in the PMR" will be adopted before the end of the spring session, so that it could enter into force from the new fiscal year. In case of its timely adoption, it will take time for the development of by-laws.