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Laws are born in disputes

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The situation with accidents on the roads cannot leave anyone indifferent. At stake is the health and life of Pridnestrovians. The increase in the number of road accidents was one of the reasons for the legislative initiatives of the President to strengthen administrative responsibility for violations of the Rules of the Road, which he sent to the Supreme Council last autumn. The President proposed to amend the Code of Administrative Offenses and the law "On Enforcement Proceedings".

A long discussion unfolded in the plenary hall during the consideration of the presidential cabinet by the deputy corps in the first reading. In the opinion of the people's deputies, along with increased responsibility for violations on the roads, it is necessary to carry out preventive work.

In order to take into account all the statements made during the adoption of the draft laws by the Supreme Council in the first reading, the arguments of the deputies decided to establish a working group. Its members met several times. As a result, preparations for the procedure for considering legislative initiatives in the second reading 78 amendments are to the adoption and 40 to the rejection. They were discussed by the deputies of the responsible committee on legislation during today's meeting. There were disputes, as it is known, truth is born. In particular, the member of the committee Oleg Petrik considered illegal the proposed amendments to the Administrative Code for the adoption of amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses concerning punitive measures for a driver who had previously been deprived of this right, as well as for driving a prohibiting traffic signal.

According to information provided by the head of the committee Galina Antyufeeva, provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, over the past three years the number of these types of offenses has decreased by 20%. After discussion, the majority of the Committee's deputies voted for the adoption of the amendments to be discussed by the editorial staff proposed by the members of the working group.

Prosecutor of the Republic Anatoly Guretsky expressed disagreement with the fact that the amendments proposed by the supervisory authority were included in the process of drafting legislations for adoption in the second reading in the table for rejection.

2,5 thousand people according to the prosecutor did not received notices of fines in the past year.

In the course of the discussion of these amendments, all its participants recognized the existence of this problem and those accompanying it. For all, without exception, an important factor is the provision of the possibility of restoring the term of payment of a "half" fine in cases where the violator for some reason did not receive a mail notification of the penalty assigned to them.

Most of the deputies of the committee agreed with the proposal of the chairman Galina Antyufeeva to prepare another legislative initiative for this topic.