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Social support of citizens - in the priority

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


The government developed a legislative initiative to amend the law "On protection of the reproductive health of citizens and family planning". The Ministry of Health considers it necessary to increase the age threshold (from 15 to 18 years), in which interruption of unwanted pregnancies in adolescents is possible provided that parents or legal representatives are informed. As a justification Deputy Health Minister Olga Bocharova cited statistics: 80% of pregnancies in adolescence end with abortion, and almost half of them do it for the first time.

The law-in-draft provoked debate among parliamentarians. According to the chairman of the responsible committee Sergei Cheban, the question is complex and requires a balanced decision.

Another risk factor, according to Sergei Cheban, is social orphanhood. If parents leave for work or lead an antisocial way of life, will the effect bring a new rule of law? According to the deputies, the first place is the health of a teenager. For its preservation, parents, psychologists, and medical workers should be targeted. According to the law-in-draft, parliamentarians did not have a unified position. The final decision is to be taken by the deputy corps in plenary session.

Members of the responsible committee in the second reading mode considered the law-in-draft "On the Social Protection of Children of War". The document was developed on the basis of appeals of citizens, whose childhood fell during the Great Patriotic War, and has been discussed by parliamentarians for several years. The main goal of the new law-in-draft for the republic is to consolidate at the legislative level the official status of this category. In Russia, for example, the draft federal law, although submitted for discussion by State Duma deputies, was not adopted, although it works in certain regions. As the author of the legislative initiative and the head of the profile committee Sergey Cheban noted, during the consideration of the legislation the issue of providing a number of additional social guarantees to "children of war" was studied. In view of the large budget deficit that exists to date, it is not yet possible to implement it. At the same time, this law-in-draft will help to attract attention to this category of citizens and solve their problems.

The deputies recommended for adoption in the second and final reading the law-in-draft aimed at providing participants in the fighting for the protection of Pridnestrovie with free travel to the place of treatment and back. Legislative initiative was prepared by deputies of the Supreme Council Andrei Safonov and Vadim Kravchuk. In the course of the meeting, the Committee voted in favor of the amendment, according to which the new norm will be effective as of July 1 of this year. Its implementation requires about 55 thousand rubles a year.