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In support of the judiciary


The Government submitted a package of two legislative initiatives aimed at increasing the remuneration of judges of the Supreme, Arbitration and Constitutional Courts, as well as workers engaged in judicial proceedings to the Supreme Council. The legislations were discussed during the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation, Law Enforcement, Defense, Security, Peacekeeping, Protection of Citizens' Rights and Freedoms. As the representative of the author, the head of the State Service of Social and Labor Relations of the Ministry for Social Protection and Labor Ivan Vasiliev noted, the increase in salaries to the judicial body is one of the stages of the planned increase in the remuneration of workers in the entire budgetary sphere.

It will be necessary this year for these purposes to allocate about 6 million rubles from the budget. During discussion of the legislations of deputies, the question was asked whether the source of funding is included in the budget to implement the proposed changes. As explained by the Deputy Chairman of the Government Stanislav Kasap, the possibility of raising wages was due to extra-tax revenues. According to him, taking into account the forecast of economic indicators for 2019, it is planned to raise salaries to other categories of state employees.

The course on raising salaries is supported by parliamentarians. As for directly submitted legislations, the deputies made a number of suggestions and comments.

Taking into account the opinions expressed and the information provided by the government, the Committee's deputies supported the legislative initiatives and recommended it for adoption in the first reading.