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A group of deputies of the Supreme Council consisting of 21 people developed a legislative initiative concerning the reduction of the number of people's deputies. The talk is about deputies of the Supreme and local Councils. Today there are 1155 deputies in the republic. The idea of ​​the proposed innovation is connected with the need to reduce costs from the republican budget, legislators say. According to the authors' calculations, the savings on holding a single voting day next year may amount to about two million rubles. It will be necessary to improve the pattern of formation of electoral districts to implement the proposed change.  Amendments must be made to the Constitution, the Regulations of the Supreme Council and the Electoral Code.

The legislative initiative was considered by deputies of the relevant parliamentary committee. It was noted during the meeting that the reduction in the number of deputies should be carried out taking into account specifics and characteristics of each city and district. The Chairperson of the Committee on Legislation Galina Antyufeeva proposed holding a hearing with the participation of the chairmen of local Councils of People's Deputies. Changes in the legislation of the republic were unanimously supported by members of the Committee.

The meeting considered amendments for the adoption in the second reading of the initiative concerning the improvement of the Electoral Code. Parliamentarians Igor Buga and Ruslan Gareev are the authors. The deputies proposed to introduce a ban on the use of the image of an individual in campaign materials during the elections, referendum without his consent. In the near future, the law-in-draft in the second reading will be considered by the deputies.

Another initiative should pass the second reading procedure concerning the amendment of the norms of the Code of Administrative Offenses. The authors, deputies of the parliamentary committee on legislation, proposed to improve the mechanism of payment of administrative fines, having excluded from the Code the provision allowing violators to pay them at the place of the offense.

Parliamentarian during the meeting of the relevant committee raised the issue of the possibility of payment of fines by foreign citizens following transit through Pridnestrovie. Oleg Petrik proposed to organize the collection of fines at customs posts. The amendments to the legislations will be considered by parliamentarians during the plenary session.