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Respect for the memory of Fatherland Defenders

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


The deputies of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture considered the state target program “Preservation of immovable cultural heritage sites of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic requiring urgent repairs for 2019–2021”.

Currently, over 2,000 immovable cultural heritage sites have been identified in Pridnestrovie. These are historical, architectural and town planning monuments, monumental art and archeological monuments, which are the most numerous, over 1800 units.

Among the most significant objects are memorials to the memory of the dead defenders. There are 268 military memorial sites commemorating the defenders of the Fatherland in our republic. 195 of these are devoted to the Great Patriotic War, 71 monuments are about the events of the war 1992.

The program provides for the restoration, overhaul, reconstruction and improvement of 25 immovable cultural heritage objects in dire need of repair. Among the objects included in the program, a monument to Alexander Suvorov in the capital, a memorial to Afghan soldiers in Bendery, is scheduled to overhaul two reservoirs in the Chobruchi park, Tower of the Winds (monument to Field Marshal P.H. Wittgenstein) in the village of Stroentsy needs restoration. According to the representative of the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage, they plan to allocate 5 million rubles from the republican budget and 27 thousand from the budgets of cities and regions for the implementation of the program.

The state target program is recommended for adoption by the relevant committee in the first reading.