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Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


The Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Culture started its work in the autumn session that was opened last week. Several new legislative initiatives were submitted for consideration by the deputies. It is proposed to introduce amendments to the laws "On Education", "On Preschool Education" and the Law "On Local Government, Local Government and State Administration". As the head of the working body and the author of the legislations Mikhail Burla noted, one of the reasons for this was the appeal of the Prosecutor's Office, which revealed a number of legal inconsistencies in the laws.

For example, the wording "public education institutions belonging to the Council" is obsolete today. The founders of municipal educational organizations are the state administrations of cities and districts. This norm is also proposed to be enshrined in the law "On local government bodies, local government and state administration". In addition, a number of the author's proposals concern changes in the system of appointment of heads of educational organizations and their deputies. This issue will be discussed by the deputy corps when considering legislations at the plenary session in the first reading.