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Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


Deputies of the Committee on AIC, Transport, Construction, Natural Resources and Ecology considered issues related to land management. The purpose of the drafted legislations is to establish a legislative mechanism for financing cartographic and geodetic work in the formation of land plots.

The point of view of the government that submitted the law-in-draft is that these types of work can be carried out on the initiative and at the expense of the customer's own funds by organizations that are licensed for this activity, but under the control of the state. In the opinion of the author of the alternative law-in-draft of Alexander Shcherba, the process of land inventory is a state duty, but initially, the customer must pay for the types of work necessary for this, and then the state compensates the costs in the form of land tax reduction. The law-in-draft was developed on the basis of numerous appeals from citizens and business entities. The parliamentarians took the initiative of the deputy as a basis for further consideration.

The situation that has developed in the sphere of land management hinders the realization of the rights of citizens to use and dispose of land plots and inhibits the process of land inventory in the republic. The problem should be solved at the legislative level, the deputies suppose. The law-in-draft of Alexander Shcherba was recommended for adoption in the first reading.

A new law on personal subsidiary plots may appear in the republic. The legislative initiative was developed by the government. As explained by the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Efimiy Koval, the document is called upon at the legislative level to settle issues related to the maintenance of domestic animals within the boundaries of populated areas, as well as to encourage citizens to register peasant farms.

According to the statistics, 98 subsidiary farms are registered in the republic, which contain large numbers of domestic animals. Many of them receive regular complaints. According to legislators, the issues of keeping pets can be regulated at the subordinate level, as it is done in neighboring countries. But the problem exists and requires a solution.

Taking into account the urgency of the issue, the deputies of the Committee recommended the adoption of the draft law "On personal subsidiary plots" in the first reading. Also, parliamentarians suppose that the rules for keeping pets within the boundaries of settlements should be developed by the government.

In the first reading, parliamentarians recommended adopting the legislative initiative of Vitaly Kalin, according to which persons who have reached the age of 17 are allowed to take exams for the right to drive vehicles of categories "B", "C1" and "C". At the same time, the driving licenses issued to these persons enter into force upon reaching the age of majority. As the head of the committee Oleg Leontiev noted, such practice existed even in Soviet times.