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Simplification of administrative procedures


The procedure for transferring escheat property to a new owner will be simplified. The Committee on State Regional Policy considered the initiative of a group of deputies of the Supreme Council in the second reading. We are talking about the property that remained after deceased and for which no one claims or can not claim either by will or by inheritance. Until now, transferring such property to a new owner has been rather difficult. The apartment was first transferred to the state; a separate decision of the Supreme Council and local Soviets was required. After that, the property was transferred to municipal ownership. All paperwork took a lot of time.

The profile committee will recommend the Supreme Council at the next plenary session to adopt the document in final reading.

Today the Committee considered the legislative initiative that was authored by Deputies Anton Onufrienko and Grigory Dyachenko. We are talking about the maintenance of water consumption meters. Let us remind you that last week the Committee held an expanded meeting on this legislative initiative. Opinions were divided. The Government insisted on keeping the norm of the law, which obliges to conclude a contract for the maintenance of metering devices. Members of the Committee held the opposite point of view.

The Committee on State Regional Policy will recommend the deputy corps to adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading at the next plenary meeting of the Supreme Council.